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Bottles (Craft Beer Wine Spirit & Indian Groceries)

3550 San Pablo Dam Rd Ste G El Sobrante, CA 94803

(510) 222-2230

Bottles - El Sobrante, CA United States

Bottles ROCK!!! a hidden gem in San Pablo El Sobrante. A place to try some excellent, experimental, and bunch of well known beer in a friendly environment ( on tap)  At Bottles we thrive to provide our customer with hand crafted beverages which includes one of the best beer selections in the area.

Our Customers Reviews

Wow. I don't get blown away by the vibe in places so often, but here its 100% pure awesome. Extremely friendly and cool people run this place, and the locals that enjoy it are also super laid back and friendly. As you walk through what on the surface looks like a typical east bay mini mart, you find yourself suddenly immersed in what is one of the coolest mini tap rooms in the bay area. Amazing selection of fresh local (and not so local) beers. Grapefruit Sculpin on Tap?!!?! YES PLEASE! Want some seasonal, local Faction- Blitzen? They got it..

Beyond their amazing bottle selection which rivals much bigger stores, they also have a selection of Fresh Indian Sweets (Burfi, Ladu, Etc.) which for me made this place a double score!Combined with knowledgeable staff that has a passion for beer and good humor, and you have a pure winner.  Yup.. 100% Pure awesome indeed.   -Raphael-

A beer tasting sounded like it would be interesting, even though I don't care much for beer.  I wanted to try and taste why people like beer. We tasted 4 different local beers on tap and a 10 ounce beer of our choice. I leaned some interesting beer facts. The pourer was pleasant. I could taste the difference between the various beers. It was a nice stop to go on a Saturday. -Terry-

I love this place, and the bartender is what made it. Excellent selection in domestic and imported craft beer. He educated me on the differences between, Belgian, IPA, Stouts and Sour beers.  I simply wish there was more of an online presence. Had I not accidentally stopped in after doing groceries at Raley's, I would have never know this bar existed!!  With the addition of an Instagram, Facebook or even a basic website I can see the fruits of this business' products reach a broader audience and prosper.  Hanks thanks so much for everything!!  -Matthew-

These guys are not messing around. This is one hell of a bottle shop. If you want crap go somewhere else, everything they carry is unique and also well kept! Unlike City Beer SF, ALL the beer is kept cold! This is huge for me. For the East Bay this shop is killing it. I love Beer Rev too if I'm in the Oakland area but for me its simply not as convenient as Bottles location. By the time I sit in traffic to Oakland I could of tasted a new beer I've never had before and be home sipping Allagash Interlude from the comfort of my own home.

This store is actively participating in beer education. I love it. The employees are all great to talk to! Harpreet, Diego, and Dhillon have a wealth of beer knowledge! And a hell of a palette! Its not like when you go to bevmo which is like asking Bevis and Butthead whats good (uhhhhh huh huh).  You can learn something here! the Beer tastings are great. I've sampled a spectrum of beers there ON TAP :  super fresh Sculpin Fathom and Dorado, Rare Barrel selections, Stone Enjoy By, Goose Island Imperial Stout, Bruery Humulus, Altamont Left Coast Session, Double Jack, Evil Twin, Evil Cousin, and many many more.  All stellar. The best part of the tastings are the beer stories that come with them and hanging out with other local craftiesThey really have something for everyone. Oh your a Barrel aged guy - no problem. A Belgian dude - right this way. Sour man - step on up. Hophead - where would you like to go today? If you are in El Sobrante and you like great beer - you HAVE to stop in and check it out.  Not to mention the killer selection of wine,  tequila (Don Julio Real - what!), and bourbon. I'm so excited they moved into the neighborhood! Plaza Sobrante is really kicking right now with some great food and now Bottles.-Eric-